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Welcome to Twin Creeks Health!

Our chiropractors, Dr. Putman and Dr. Taylor welcome you to our wellness clinic in Roseville, California, Twin Creeks Health. At Twin Creeks Health, our doctors and staff do everything they can to help our patients achieve their wellness goals. We strive to make a lasting difference in our patients' lives by improving their health and quality of life. With our warm, caring staff, we have created a welcoming office environment for our patients to relax in while working toward their wellness goals and we invite you to stop by our office to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic consultation.


Enjoy the Wellness Benefits of Chiropractic Care at Twin Creeks Health

At Twin Creeks Health, we work one on one with each individual patient to develop a unique wellness plan to meet their health care needs. During your first patient consultation, our doctors will perform a complete neurological exam, an orthopedic exam, take x-rays if necessary, and discuss your current symptoms and wellness goals. Following your initial exam, our doctors will discuss treatment plan options with you in order to put you on a path to wellness.

Chronic Pain and Auto Accidents-
The above video speaks to a much larger truth than simply relating  the high incidence of chronic pain following auto accidents; it addresses a subject that I constantly think about when I treating patients, and that is the affect of spinal injuries on our brains.  
I try to tell everyone about how our brains work. Our brains are very complex, performing a magnificent array of activities constantly,  but significantly spends a lot of energy on knowing where we are in space because we are bipedal (stand on two feet instead of four legs) and the brain is constantly calculating and making constant adaptations.  We call it balance.
Balance cannot be undervalued because it is the essence of who we are as human beings. Balance allows us to see and interact with the world in an upright posture.  We see the world differently than any other living creature, including apes, and that is defines our humanity.  Balance allows us to do almost every activity we deem valuable and important.  
So what does balance have to do with auto accidents and chronic pain?  The video talks about how chronic pain changes the way the brain works, what it doesn't tell us is how these type of injuries to the spine effective our balance and coordination.  See, for our brains to constantly calculate where we are in space it needs input and data to use.  That is why the brain is called "stimulus dependent".  The biggest stimulus to the brain, by far, is movement. We we move our brains light up and increase their out put, and we are able to adapt.  
The biggest movement input to the brain is from our spine, especially our necks.  When ever an injury (whether auto accident or otherwise) to our spine and don't correct it, we create dysfunction and the input to our brains is altered. Over time this altered input changes the brain, we become stiffer, less stable on our feet, and less secure about our human-ness. 
Take care of your spine, and Take care of your brain and your chances of living a full and vibrant life increase.
-Dr. Putman

We treat patients suffering from auto accident injuries, sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, disc injuries, disc degeneration, and more. We work with patients, creating a pain management plan, giving their bodies the nutritional tools required for healing, improving their immune systems, and providing ongoing treatment to prevent future injuries, stave off illness, and to manage chronic pain conditions. We realize that these conditions can be debilitating, but that not all patients wish to undergo invasive surgeries or to take prescription pain medication to manage symptoms. With chiropractic care, we provide an alternative to these mainstream medical treatments for pain management, healing, and overall good health.

Part of the commitment we make to our patients is convenience as well as wellness. We offer same day appointments, guarantee a ten minute or less appointment wait, and we offer flexible payment plans for patients without insurance benefits. In addition, we promise to give all new and existing patients an honest health evaluation and consultation; if we cannot treat your condition or manage your pain, we will point you in the direction of a health care provider who can.

To begin your journey to optimal wellness and a better quality of life, contact our office today to schedule your health consultation and evaluation with one of our chiropractors.


The doctors and the staff at Twin Creeks are great! The DRX9000C neck treatment has done wonders- no more constant headaches, 100% better neck movement in my neck, much better balance, and more energy. I wish I had made my decision earlier.

Alice - / Roseville, CA


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